Our way

1 – Meeting

The first thing is to make a work meeting where we can collect all the information about the company, the product or service, competitors, the sector, the environment, etc. All this is essential to be able to define a strategy.

2 – Plan layout

Depending on what has been obtained at the meeting, a SWOT of the company and / or the product / service to be promoted will be created. With the results of this analysis, we will define an action proposal for all levels. This proposal will include the budget or budgets of the different actions. We will advise you and you will choose how far you want to go.

3 – We’ll walk together

We will go hand in hand all the way. Your sales and your growth are ours. The fact of analyzing the business in depth and designing a strategy makes us direct participants of the success or not of the actions that are carried out. Beyond whether the actions are well done or not.

4 – Analysis and constant improvement

Without data you can not improve and without your experience of your business either. There is no formula that can be applied to everyone equally. Each case has its particularities and, beyond good general practices, it is necessary to draw up a coherent plan, execute it in the best possible way and, above all: analyze. Here our know-how and yours will come together to find the perfect key.

5 – Objectives review

Finally we will review the results and analyze the objectives. Both from the point of view of its achievement and the next to achieve.