La Pota Roja Cervelló

Corporate Branding, Graphic Design, Web
About This Project

Within the project of the sports events company Wefeel Events, we created a strategy to reinforce the corporate image. From it, we created a simple and homogeneous information structure for all the events that they organized. In this case, we created the web of Cervelló, ideal place for the Trail and BTT live together in a weekend of maximum afluència in the population. In just 3 years 2,200 people have put on the “La Pota-Roja” bib.

Cervelló has believed and lived from the minute 1 in an event with an important potential so that it can be valued and placed as a reference event of the Trail and the BTT. Up to 5 modalities in the same morning: 7, 14 and 24km trail and 20 and 40km BTT.